Thursday, 8 February 2018


I have just cashed in another USD50 or AUD72 (thanks to the higher USD) from Vindale. It would be ready in my bank account within 2-3 business days.
That is why I love Vindale so much.
Vindale gives me a lot of cash which is deposited into my bank account quickly.

I use this to pay my bills with cash such as Opal cards, Insurances (Car and Health insurance), utility bills, etc (those companies do not issue or accept gift cards).
On the other hand, I normally buy my groceries in Coles or Woolworths using giftcards earned from Swagbucks.
This is how I achieved high savings rate and pay off my mortgage quickly.

Now, I know that Vindale is not easy. But there are easy tips to nail a lot of incomes from Vindale.
1. Be consistent about your profile
2. Be honest
3. Do not rush - wait for 5 seconds before submitting the answer
4. Subscribe for surveys to be notified to you
5. Hit that email the second it came
6. Do it when you are patient
7. Do it regularly - do 2-3 surveys each day. Slowly molehills willl become a mountain of money :)

good luck and subscribe to Vindale to earn more money :)

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