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How to look expensive without breaking the bank

1. Invest in classic staples.
  1. Good Quality Trench coat - with good & sharp lines & structure.
Investing in a good quality trench coat will immediately make you look rich.
Plus, although the upfront cost can be $100, but the cost per wear can be much much much less than cheap coat that cost around $25. Because the good quality ones can be worn for close to 10 years, with good safe keeping. This makes good quality $100 to have cost per wear of $10 per annum only. Whereas lesser quality (I bought one cheap one which lasted only for 6 months), could cost $50 per annum, which makes the cheap coat to be more expensive in terms of cost per wear annualized.
Tips for good safekeeping:
  • Waterproof it regularly. This repel dirts. Make it shines for longer. Waterproof after it has been thoroughly cleansed - dirt free and spot free.
  • Clean it after each use.
  • Hang it with a hanger, not on a hook. This keeps the shape, the structure that a good coat has.
  1. Good Quality shoes, a pair for each occasion: work, dressy casual, normal casual, running shoes
  2. Good accessories
    1. Wear a simple classic gold chain necklace with simple diamond pendant (they will hold the value! crystals won’t.). You want to buy an asset that holds (or even appreciate) in value, such as land and properties. Jewellery from precious metals do that, if they are well kept.
Tips for good safekeeping:
  • Have it professionally cleansed.
  • Be careful in choosing the person who clean it, ensure they don’t switch your gold and/or diamond. If there is label or encryption on your diamond and gold, ask them to show the encryptions to you after clean.
    1. Wear a simple classic  earrings (diamond and gold).
    2. Good watch (There is no need for rolex or tag heuer. Li Kai Shing wears normal brand - think, Seiko - and he is the richest man in Asia.)
  1. Good suit (no need to be expensive) that fits well.
  2. Skimp on blouses, t-shirts, jeans, pants, sandals, and shirts.
The tricks are:
    1. Buy clothes in colour that shines and bright (bright white, bright grey, bright black, though not bright fuschia/red/orange, not clothes full of diamantes or swarovski crystals).
    2. Shun monograms, visible brands and faded colour.
    3. Blazer will up your look immediately.
    4. Do not blindly follow trend.
    5. Keep to simple and classic lines. Audrey Hepburn looks like a million bucks whereas trashy D starts looks trashy. And Audrey Hepburn’s style still stands in time. So, follow her classic style.
    6. Use the same blouse for work (see below) and for casual and semi casual outings.
You can wear the same coat (trench and or winter coats), accessories (watch, necklaces and earrings) and shoes for work, casual and semi casual. This bring costs down, by reducing buying outerwear (they cost quite a fair bit) and by wearing same blouse for all types of occasions. For semi casual occasions and to warm you up a little, you can wear the blazer.
In other words:
Buy blouses that can be born for multiple occasions.
Get blouses that do not need ironing and dry cleaning. Having those type of blouses will free your time (from ironing), remember time is money. And you will save dry cleaning costs, too.
    1. Keep the blings on the watch, necklaces and earrings to be subtle and elegant.
2. Have Good Skin
  1. Clean
  2. Well moisturised
  3. Clean shaven
  4. Smells good (subtle fragrance)
  5. Don’t overdo the makeup
Tips: Skincare and Makeup on the budget
I used to go for the big brands (Armani’s eyes to kill, Chanel le blanc, Lancome skin care, and YSL serum foundation).
Yes, no doubt they are excellent.
I love the packaging, the smell of the moisturiser and foundation, the feel of the moisturiser, the foundation and the packaging (it is solid).
But, spending $150AUD on a day moisturiser only last for 1 semester (6 months) and another $150AUD on a night moisturiser which also only last for 1 semester … That stinks even more.

I complained and whined about budget skincare and makeup.
They stink, they smudge and they don’t work.
Most don’t.
Until I go back to the basic - Nivea, Olay and Johnson & Johnson.
The tricks:
  1. Don’t skip toner - hydrating toner. Hydrating toner keeps your skin hydrated and supple. This keeps your pores small. Thus, less dirt can come into your pores. This means, less acne problems.
Also, hydrated skin will have natural shine - which the rich tend to have. Because the rich have access to good skin care.
And lastly, hydrated skin will age less easy (keeping your skin young and supple) than dehydrated skin) - which is another thing that the rich tend to have.
  1. Moisturise well, no need to go the high end line (anti aging, anti eye bag, or eye cream). Just use the normal basic active hydrating moisturiser ($10AUD from chemist warehouse when discounted).
  2. Use scrubs (the ones with beads) sparingly - twice a week, maximum.
  3. Use cleansing mask (once a week). I found beauty & me from chemist warehouse for $3AUD and it is perfect for me.
There is no need to go to beautician for deep cleansing or beauty care at all.
This must be done on regular (some are done on daily basis) basis at home. This gets the dirts and oil off your face skin. This prevents acne problems. And keep your skin smooth and shines naturally (smooth skin reflects shine better than non smooth ones).
  1. Use hydrating mask (2 -3 times a week). Before I found hydrating mask that works for me (I now use beauty & me, it costs around $3 from chemist warehouse), I put hydrating toner on cotton sheet & put it all over my face and neck, for 2 hours.
Again, this keeps skin supply, moisturised and hydrated. Keeping your skin young, shines naturally & rich looking.
  1. Use SPF50++++ UVA UVB everyday - when you go out. Prevents aging. Makes you look young.
  2. Just know your skin and what your skin needs, deliver its needs. Don’t keep changing product. Stick to what works. Just fyi, my skin is dry/normal. Consult for free with beauticians at Body Shop - they are much much much much friendlier and more more more helpful than those at high end beauty stalls at shopping malls.

3. Well Maintained Hair
  1. Clean
  2. Smells good
  3. No dandruff
  4. Neat
  5. Good shine

4. Good Hygiene
  1. Floss and brush your teeth twice a day. Brush your tongue after drinking coffee and if you don’t feel it’s clean enough. Carry toothbrush and floss in your handbag. Regularly (twice a year) clean your teeth professionally.
  2. No oily hair, no dandruff. Wash it regularly.
  3. Shower twice a day. Use deodorant to stop body odour, if necessary. Don’t go overdose on deodorant or perfume - use just enough fragrance (subtlety is good here). Bt

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