How I saved $130,000 in less than three years with under average salary

I consistently save 75% of my income year after year.

And, I have accumulated more than $130,000 on less than average income in three years.

How did I do it?
I use my budget planner (download for free here) to achieve it.

How does using my budget planner achieve constantly 75% saving of income every year.
In my free budget planner, I have listed almost all possible expenses. This tells you about your expenses, so that you know (really know know) your expenses - what are they, how much are they, and when are they due.

Once I knew all of my expenses (what are they & how much are they & when are they due), I knew what are necessary expenses and unnecessary expenses.
Then, I was able to eliminate all of my unnecessary expenses, and to reduce my necessary expense to its core.
This makes my financial to be lean.

What is a necessary expense and what is an unnecessary expense?
I asked myself, what is a necessary expense? What makes it necessary?
To answer the question, I must dig deeper into my soul than I initially thought.
I asked myself, what kind of life do I want? Why do I want to save money? What is my burning desire from saving my money? What am I willing to sacrifice for my burning desire to be realized - to be actualized?
And what do I need to keep on progressing in life - that cannot be sacrificed?
And finally, what are the necessary expenses (that must incur) to support the life that I want (and also the future life that I want to grow into)?

Picture it. Visualize your life and put as much detail as possible. Practise this and you will achieve your visualized burning desire.

I dug deep (soul searching) and I answered those questions. I also visualized my life to small details - how exactly my life is going to be doing all these changes. This step cannot be ignored. This step was the reason I stuck to my budget.

In answering what are my necessary expenses?
I decided, in order to achieve financial freedom, I must save as much as I can (within reason).
Therefore, my expense will only be:
  1. healthy food (without snacks - lollies, chocolate or chips),
  2. shelter (costs to put roof over my head),
  3. expenses that must incur to obtain income and
  4. sanity costs (some people do a little shopping, drinking, exercising, etc).

My only expenses - my only necessary expenses:
  1. Meat (Lean meat)
  2. Seafood (Fresh seafood) 2 serves a week
  3. Greens
Handy tip: Asian greens ($1 for 2-3 serves) were my lifesavers.
  1. Fruits: anything fresh and discounted or cheap.
  2. Breakfast: when on budget, the same as lunch and dinner.
  3. Snacks: office provided snacks - fruits, party pies, etc. No snacking at home, just drink tea if I feel bitey.

  1. Cleaning, repair, maintenance cost: I have more than enough cleaning appliances and cleaning solutions for home maintenance for another 2 years.

Expenses to obtain income:
  1. Transport to work. The cheapest possible (since I am now placed in an office 19km away from my home) is train. Click here on how I save on transport cost.
  2. If you use car to work, click here on how to save money on car.
  3. Clothes: I have more than enough clothes. Click here on shopping.

An example of my budget
This is real - I stuck to this budget for three years. And at the end of the three years, I accumulated $130,000, on a below average salary income.


per week

per week

per week

per week

per week
per month

per quarter

Hot Water
per quarter

per quarter

per quarter

per month

per month

Expenses to obtain income

Public Transport
per month


Private Health Insurance
per month

Total expenses
per month

I don’t spend any money on any other expenses. I only spend money on my necessary expenses, shown in the table above.

Those necessary expenses are reduced to its core. I have a very lean budget, I maximized all savings I can do.

Stick to your budget
This is difficult. But I stuck to my budget, with intense discipline and something else (Click here to find out on how to stick to your budget).

And, at the end of one year, after I realized on the amount of money that I actually I accumulated, it was an enormous sense of pride that I have with myself. I was extremely happy - I was elated.
I could buy a house, an investment house, which is something that will grow in value in leaps and bounds in the future (and something that can sustain itself - through smart rental incomes).

So in summary, how did I save 75% of my income using my budget planner?
In my free budget planner, I have listed almost all common expenses.
The purpose is just to know your expenses - what are they & how much are they & when are they due

Necessary expenses are the expenses that must incur to support the life that I want (and also the future life that I want to grow into).
And for me, I decided, in order to achieve financial freedom, I must save as much as I can (within reason).
Therefore, my expense will only be healthy food, shelter, expenses that must incur to obtain income and sanity costs.

Just eliminate all of them. Live financially lean. I stopped cold turkey. And it works.

To get your free budget planner click here.
I’m a great believer in luck,
and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.
Thomas Jefferson

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
Benjamin Franklin

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
Lao Tzu

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt.

Just do it.

Take a day at a time.
If it’s too hard, an hour at a time… a half hour at a time.

The snowball effect of feeling good (even if it is a half hour achievement) will propel you to continuously save.
But just do it.

©™ Kaizen Money Smartt
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