Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to Earn More Money

This writing was done in hindsight, after working for almost 7 years now in a reasonably satisfactory job which I entered as an intern, then as a graduate.

This is about what should I have done to earn more money.

The start
Do what you are naturally good at and do what you enjoy (love) doing.

In high school or in your formative years, spend time asking yourself this. What do you do well naturally - without force?

Work your butt off to be good like really reaaally reaalllly good at it.
To illustrate,
If you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer, work extremely hard until you attain a scholarship in the most prestigious medical school or law school in the world.

Participate in as many as competitions, extracurricular activities, work experiences and mentoring programs, that are going to be relevant and going to expose you to the industry that you are going to undertake.
Participating in those will develop your social skills, people management skills, relationship management skills, etc - all skills that will complement your education.
And, you will learn more about the industry that you are going to jump in and hopefully get taken under the wing of people who will help you.

First, if you want to make more money or a large amount of money, you having the technical skills, knowledge and prestige school background will armed you with something that sets you apart from millions other candidates out there that would be vying for your high earning positions.

Second, it is not only technical skills and education background (Having those are crucial - the ultimate essential items).
But by working hard to attain your goal  you will get the skills to actually get what you want, people skills, life skills, people management skills, relationship management skills, etc.
These skills are the one that will give you what you want in life.

It is not going to be an easy and light journey, but keep striving with grit and discipline & you will get there.
Set your sight at the light at the end of the tunnel.
Do not let your goal, out of your sight.
Do not let your dream, out of your grasp.

Also, if you have any issues (issues with parents or etc), fix it now. So that when you enter the next stage, you will be a clean slate ready to absorb information and thrive.

In University or College or Training Academy
Academically, do well. Do very well. Get an honours, graduate with cum laude or suma cum laude.

Have a good relationships with your professors, tutors, lecturers and friends. Have as many friends as possible.
Get a cadetship, internship and graduate position. Attaining this will put you in an accelerated pathway to managerial positions.
And do so in a good company. That means a company that will invest in you. A company that will provide mentors (voluntary and involuntary) who will put you under their wings to fly to the managerial positions.

After graduation and on the job (intern, cadet or graduate placement)
  • Make sure everyone, especially the managers, the directors and the senior executives like you and have a very good impressions of you.
  • Have as many friends as possible
  • Learn to self promote
  • Fit in, behave just like them, talk just like them.
  • Be nice to everyone
  • Be street smart to defend and to protect yourself.
  • Avoid gossips.
  • Protect yourself from gossips - by friending and being in favour of everyone.
  • Behave and act professionally at all times, and stick to the code of conduct.
  • Nail the big projects and do exceptionally well.
  • Express your interest to keep on moving up, to be challenged in interesting cases and projects, and keep getting promotions.

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