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350+++ ways on How to save money - Part 15 ( clothes & shopping)

How to save money at Shopping time
(Normal) People will definitely judge you based on how you look, and how you dress.

If you want to move up the career ladder, you will definitely need to know how to dress the part. It cannot be ignored. It is just a fact of life. An IT geek will be dressing like a typical IT geek. A financier will definitely need to dress like a financier.

The cost of the clothes, is something you can control.

  1. Plan your shopping, need to know exactly what you need. And see if you can make do with what you already have at home.
  2. Consider: shop second hand clothes, re-assignment clothes, or swap clothes. Also, consider selling your very well taken care of pre-loved items, to fund your next purchases.
  3. Shop during year-end or mid-year. Shop around for staff’s discount, credit card reward, cash back reward. See if you can pay using gift card, normally gift card are sold @ discounted rate during year-end or mid-year.
  4. Buy good quality items on essentials such as running shoes, walking shoes, rain boots.
  5. Buy modest products on non essentials such as thermals, underwear, etc.
  6. Subscribe to mailing list as many mailing list as possible, so you get alerted on discounts and special deals for subscribers.
  7. Understand the discount pattern of the retailers, so you know instinctively when to buy from that particular retailer to snap big bargains.
  8. Plan your purchases, don’t buy everything in 1 year. This means, if you are planning to replace your coats (expensive items), that means you don’t buy glasses (another expensive items). Hold of buying 2 lots of expensive items in 1 year shopping.
  9. Learn to fix your own clothes.
  10. For Aussies, buying US brands from eBay US is much cheaper than buying US brands in Australia.
  11. Wait out and save for 1 whole year, and only shop at the end of the year.
  12. Consider buying factory second, secondhand or ex-display items.
  13. Buy what you need, not what you want.
  14. If you are uncertain, sleep on it.
  15. Classic style (think Audrey Hepburn’s LBD) will always last longer.
  16. Accessorise is a good way to liven up clothes.
  17. Use classic accessories, such as gold/diamond necklaces or bracelets instead of something cheaper. Why? Diamond and gold are expense! Diamond and gold hold their value. Cheaper bracelets and necklaces deteriorate in value over time.
  18. Invest in something that holds their value & take care of that stuffs, because if it is well taken care of, it may increase its value along with CPI.
  19. So, shop carefully! Buy only good items.
  20. Don’t buy clothes that need dry cleaning (coats are exception).
  21. Don’t buy clothes that are difficult to iron. For ladies, wear uniqlo non-iron tops underneath your suit will save you time & trouble of ironing. Make life sooo much easier!
  22. Buy clothes that have multiple functions. That you can wear to office and outside office.
  23. Wear streamlined clothes.
  24. Try to use cash not credit card or debit card. You will be more cautious about your spending if you can feel the money going out of your hands.
  25. Keep good staples in your wardrobe and take care of them. It will liven up your look @ a fraction of the price. And they will last for a long long long time. Good staples are, at the minimum, good trench coat, good winter coat, good jeans, good suits, good dress shoes and good dress pants or skirts.
  26. Before you go shopping, research where to shop. Don’t get overwhelmed by discounts and offers. Be armed with information.
  27. Don’t go shopping hungry and tired.
  28. Don’t go shopping with friends who will make you buy unnecessary items.
  29. Before you buy an item, know exactly what added value it is going to give you in your life. If you live in a limited storage home (an apartment for example), think about where and how to store the item. Cluttered living will result in a cluttered minds.
  30. Don’t buy just because of trend, or just because you like it, or peer pressure.
  31. If it’s the last item, or ex display item, bargain for discounts.
  32. Understand that shopping will not make you happy. Understand that your doing (achieving goals and getting better) will make you happy.
  33. Be surrounded by people who don’t judge you by how you look.

Where to shop
  4. Clothes: (Free delivery and free returns), (normally free delivery if about 50GBP),
  1. Cash back and cash rewards:
USA: ebates
Australia: pricepal, rewardscentral, cashrewards

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