Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Life lessons for 20 something

  1. Work part time whilst studying. Not just for the money, but also for the precious skills. Because in working life, you won'the get promoted just because you complete cases well, but because of who you know, because of your people management skills, etc. Where to work? Work for someone who will invest in your development. Work in a place where you can gain skills that allows you to move up the career ladder. Work in a place where someone is willing to mentor you - to develop you, personally. Work in a place where you can gain a proper graduate placement once you obtain your qualification.
  2. Save your money. The cost of living once you graduated will be high. Think in terms of cost of purchasing a house, cost of wedding and (sooner than you will realise) cost of family (wife, parents and child, and later, children's education cost).
  3. Invest in shares. And reinvest the dividends.
  4. If you have a bit more money, invest in property. Buy an investment property that will pay its own mortgage. Buy a house close to university, rent out to students room by room with facilities  (bills paid, including internet). Buy a 1 or 2 bedroom close to the city (the offices) apartment that has low body corporate fees, rent it out to young professionals. Buy a house in a suburb that is close to the suburb that has gone up in price (the next one to go - due to the ripple effect).
  5. Get a cadetship, an internship and a graduate job. In some companies or organizations, ex cadets, ex interns and ex graduates who have passed the test to become full time employees  are not allowed to be retrenched. And they also are placed on fast track management path.
  6. Some cadets are offered tuition fees (university fees) paid, try to score those.
  7. Get good marks. Get into the Dean's list. This will put you ahead - distinguishing you from many other applicants.
  8. Have good professional relationships with your tutors, lecturers, assistant professors and professors. Their recommendations and their abilities to give you a job opportunity after graduation is priceless.
  9. Learn life skills. If you were sheltered when you were in school, learn to develop life skills, social skills, communication skills, people management skills, self management skills, project management skills, time management skills and any other skills. Learn hot to plan and to enact your plan, in order to get what you want. These skills are the ones that will propel you up in life and in your climbing up the corporate ladder.
  10. Make good friends as many as possible. They will become your life long friends.
  11. Have fun.
  12. Learn.

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