13 Ways to save money on Health

  1. Do you really need that vitamins/fad food/fad juices? Can’t you simply eat healthy fresh fruits, meat and vegetables, namely your broccoli, spinach, oranges?
  2. Buy what’s recommended by your doctor. Do not skimp on buying what is actually needed.
  3. Do your regular dental, health and eye check ups. Again, prevention is better than cure.
  4. Do your additional annual health check ups, too, if you are past 30, do your bowel check, breast check, cholesterol check, etc checks ...
  5. Exercise regularly.
  6. But, forego the gym membership just to exercise. You can exercise for free by running or jogging or power walking at the park, or do jumping rope or skipping at wherever you want.
  7. Prevention is better than cure & much cheaper, too.
  8. If you don’t have time to exercise or if the weather is not good (it’s raining or snowing or too hot outside) … skip rope. Skipping rope is a very effective way and most time efficient, to exercise.
  9. When you exercise, think if you really need those expensive branded name gears? Can’t you wear simple shorts and t-shirts, like the old times?
  10. Exercise with friends and family, to bond or to spend time together, instead of going out to the bars or going to café to bond.
  11. Eat well. Cut the junk food (processed food, frozen food, sugary food, high-in salt food, sodas, bottled or carton-ed fruit juices, preserved food), fast food, takeaway food, low fat or non fat food).
There is no point in skimping on food at all. Don’t buy frozen food, processed food, just to save money. Buy good and nutritious food, even if it’s slightly more expensive than frozen or processed food.
  1. Cook more using fresh ingredients and herbs (forego bottled sauces, marinades, etc), better if you grow your own fruits and vegetables.
  2. Take up dog sitting. It is healthy, it makes money on the side and look at that happy face, that happy face will make you happy. :)
  3. We can do it! Just do it!
Image credit to Sam Churchill.

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