50 Ways on How to Save Money on Food, on Groceries. 50 Ways on How to Save Money on Food, on Groceries.

  1. Stop buying carton juices and on sodas.
  2. And start investing in juicer/blender & soda stream.
  3. Buy in Bulk.
  4. Be aware of cost per kg or cost per gram.
  5. Discount stock up (stock up during discount)
  6. Buy generic brands
  7. Grow your own food - fruits & vegetables.
  8. Even keep some chickens for their eggs!
  9. Cook in bulk & store some in the fridge.
  10. Always have essentials food stocked up in the pantry and fridge for emergency days. This prevents you from buying unnecessary takeouts on those rainy days where the traffic is horrendous or the train is late.
  11. Buy odd fruit produce. They are still nutritious fruits, they just look a little odd-er.
  12. Buy from farmer’s market - cheaper.
  13. Do not throwaway food
  14. Learn to cook with leftovers
  15. Learn to use all parts of vegetables/fruits/meat that you have
  16. If there is any scraps, use it as compost fertilizer
  17. Have your children grow food with you and cook in the kitchen with you
  18. Bake/cook for someone as a gift. Handmade gifts that come from the heart will be very much appreciated.
  19. Barter cooked meals, grown fruits & vegetables with friends, families & neighbours. This bring cost of meals/food down.
  20. Organize your meals, down to the ingredients & cooking time.
  21. One stop shop is less costly than multiple unplanned trips to supermarket.
  22. Go to market than supermarket.
  23. Better, go to farmer’s market.
  24. Or consider NQR (not quite right) or Aldi.
  25. Buy local produce..
  26. Buy what’s in season.
  27. Weigh the benefits of chasing discounts at multiple stores. Remember that time is money. Buying from 1 shop could be time and effort efficient. Remember fuel also cost money!
  28. Make your own soda, fruit juices, flavoured milk, popsicles, ice cream, cakes … make your own everything. It is healthier, fresher and almost always cheaper.
  29. Make full use of coupons, cashback and rewards.
  30. Limit buying chemical cleaners. Make your own cleaners.
  31. Try to cook efficiently i.e. clean, less deep frying, less mess, less time to clean up. Time & effort efficient! (Time & effort = Money).
  32. Plan your available time to cook. You must make time to cook, otherwise you won’t cook your groceries (aka wasted).
If you clear, let’s say Sunday afternoon to cook in bulk (for the week), you will efficiently use your time and groceries, as the result produce cooked meals just enough for your & your family’s whole week’s consumption.
  1. Be organized with your time to cook, make cooking as one of your priorities. Use it as a bonding time with your family and friends.
Life will always have other (more important) commitments. And, cooking easily slip down the priority list on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
However, if you commit to save money, you will commit a time to cook.  An hour on a Sunday is more than enough time.
  1. If you are running out of time, use slow cooker or oven roasting or baking. You can leave the meal to cook on its own. Whilst you do other pressing priorities / commitments.
You kill two birds with one stone :) Efficient! :)
  1. Plan your meals, including all ingredients you need to use. Forgetting one ingredients (galangal, ginger, tumeric, etc) for a meal can make you run to the shop before cooking or make you circling / browsing online scratching your head to think up of another meal to cook.
Handy tip:
in your office, on a Friday afternoon after lunch (sleepy time), think up your meals, go to recipe online & list out all the ingredients.
Put the meal plans (including ingredients), in your online calendar (or whichever you can access at anytime and when you do your weekly shopping)
  1. Cook your own snacks, bake a chocolate cake or a brownie, bake a sausage roll, bake an apple pie, etc. This should take less than ½ in preparation. And, this should be a clean no mess kind of cooking. Efficient!
  2. 1 stop shop is cheaper than multiple unplanned shop.
  1. Less time and effort spent travelling. Time & effort = Money!
  2. Less distraction/temptation to buy other non-necessary items.
  1. Understand supermarket layout that has been strategically planned to tempt you to spend.
  1. Shop the essentials at the perimeter of the supermarket.
  2. Start your shopping at the fresh produce section (stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables)
  3. Then go along the perimeter to the
    1. meat,
    2. seafood,
    3. egg and
    4. milk section
  4. Avoid the centre, where the chocolate chips, biscuits, crisps and sweets are located.
  5. These are explosives mine traps that empties your wallets.
  6. Look below and above the eye level on shelves when you are looking for items.Manufacturers pay premium to display their products at eye-level shelves. Looking below and above eye-level on the supermarket shelves may pay you reward you with good discounts.
  7. And must stick to the grocery list!

Tips & trick to stick to the grocery list!
  1. Put it in something that you carry with you at all times (your wallet, your mobile or your brain).
  2. Have a template and cook per the template (The template grocery list will be: ingredients to cook rice with stir fries as main meals and cereals for breakfast.)
  3. Do not bring more cash than what is budgeted
  4. Don’t carry credit card or any other extra cash
  5. Don’t go shopping hungry
  6. Go shopping alone, no distractions


6 Simple Tips & Tricks to cook cheap healthy and nutritious meals!
  1. 1 pot wonder.
Cook 1 pot of meat and vegetables, and eat it with rice or potatoes. It can last two to three days of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  1. Asian stir fries, with asian vegetables, and eat it with rice.
  2. Do not cook with fancy sauces. Stick to 1 - 2 sauces or no sauce at all.
  3. Learn how to cook with lentils, cheap, healthy, nutritious and last long.
  4. Forget about buying snacks, chips, biscuits and chocolate. They are unhealthy for your body nor your wallet. Stop buying them.
  5. Snack on fruits and nuts & Sip tea, to snack.

Bonus Points:
:) Eat your food whilst watching good food cooking online. This helped to make your cooking taste nicer ;)

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