57 Ways on How to save money on Utilities

  1. If you work at home, in your Income Tax Return, you may be able to claim tax deductions on the cost of running the business from home (this may include utilities bill, check the tax office website for more information at www.ato.gov.au)
  2. Compare providers
  3. Have a good credit rating, you will have a greater bargaining power
  4. Ask for discount or better rates if you pay on time and if you have been a loyal customers
  5. Avoid late fees
  6. Ask for a price match
  7. If you have friends or relatives who work in the electricity/gas/water utility provider, ask them to give refer you to the sales time for any staff discount rates.
  8. Eliminate cable, netflix, phone line, anything that is unnecessary.
  9. Invest in good curtains that can block heat in the summer and also can block cold in the winter.
  10. Install solar panel and feed that into the power line and earn money from your electricity provider
  11. Use energy efficient appliances and lights
  12. Use programmable thermostat - to keep AC temperature at energy efficient level.This will reduce your electricity bill.Set up a rainwater tank
  13. Use also water efficient and energy efficient washing machine and dishwasher
  14. Use water efficient shower head
  15. Have a good insulation
  16. Seal any gaps, don’t let precious cool air slip through the gap
  17. Take care of your items.
  18. Clean the AC filter regularly. Don’t let it get cloaked up by dusts. Call out fee for AC technician costs some money.
  19. Use filter on drainage, don’t let drainage get clogged. Call out fees for plumbers costs a lot.
  20. Clean the dryer lint screen
  21. If you choose off peak/on peak arrangements, utilize the off peak hours to use high energy appliances, including washing dishes and washing clothes
  22. Off lights when you leave the room
  23. Off all electrical appliances when you stop using them
  24. Off (not stand by) all electrical appliances when not used
  25. Unplug appliances from power board when not in use.
  26. I put switch off the main switch plug for when I go to work & my electricity bill is cheap $30 per month
  27. Maintain & be careful with your electrical appliances, maintain them, don’t over-use them if it gets too hot, unplug it before it gets overheated, don’t use stray (exposed) electrical cables. Use common sense practically - don’t risk fire.
  28. Be mindful of turning AC or heater. Try to warm up by wearing more layers. Go to library to cool down.
  29. Have plenty of natural lights, to save energy.
  30. Let AC at around 25 degree celcius - it is more energy efficient at that level.
  31. Use humidifier to help to cool down.
  32. Wash clothes at full load in the washing machine
  33. Wash dishes at full load in the dishwasher
  34. Hang dry clothes - avoid dryer
  35. Use dryer balls in the dryer - it will cut drying time (if you must use dryer)
  36. Watch less TV
  37. Water garden in the late afternoon
  38. Use recycled water or rainwater to water garden
  39. Don’t waste water in the shower - shower in less time, off water when not in use during shower
  40. Don’t let water run unused
  41. Don't let tap run  while you are using brushing your tooth, rubbing hands while washing hands.
  42. Use buckets when you wash your car at home.
  43. If there is a leaking tap, change it
  44. Sparingly use water spray to clean pavements/garages/etc.
  45. Set your water heater at comfortable temperature - not too hot, waste little energy, save electricity bill.
  46. Don’t put hot food in the fridge, cool it first before putting them in the fridge - it uses less energy that way
  47. Keep your fridge, and the coils of your fridge clean.
  48. Disposable plastic bags? If you can, don't buy disposable plastic bags.
  49. Perform an energy audit.
  50. If you need to do repair/renovations, buy salvaged products. Check local tradies about where to buy them. Also check out graysonline.com.au (many liquidators sell products cheaply there, some were sold with warranties). Or check out gumtree.com.au.
  51. Smartly use oven, the food will cook if you leave the food in the oven for some time (at the temperature that u want) & keep the door closed.
  52. Replace old electrical appliances (fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer) if they're getting too old, they may become energy inefficient
  53. After you do renovations/repairs, sell saleable items on gumtree, or donate them.
  54. Choose a home that is geographically strategic:
  55. Avoid corner unit that is directly facing the sun, especially if the unit has floor to ceiling windows, with unblocked view. It will be extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter.
  56. Avoid top unit. It is highly likely to be also hotter (in summer) and colder (in winter).
  57. Grow trees (big) to 'cover' your windows in order to make your home much more cooler in the summer
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